Traditionally, agriculture production in Bangladesh is oriented towards paddy cultivation, to the extent that signs of monoculture have appeared during recent years, with partly decreasing yields. VARD intends in this sector to promote sustainable agriculture technology and practices of land use for making economically profitable, socially just and ecologically sound towards the improvement of environment. VARD also intends to focus on the alternative utilize of available land, particularly for social forestry and homestead gardening. Attention is given to the best use of the alternative land in a profitable agriculture sector so that it could lead to the improvement of the local resources base and employment scopes of small and marginal farmers and entrepreneurs especially women and poor people.

Current activities of AEP are:

  • Transfer technology for sustainable agriculture
  • Diversify crops
  • Establish market linkage for product marketing
  • Tree plantation
  • Provide agriculture technology training
  • Reform & development lands for maximum utilization
  • Provide homestead vegetable gardening training
  • Facilitate nutrition education
  • Promote village nursery
  • Provide logistic support
  • Promote poultry for nutrition
  • Organize campaign on sustainable agriculture and sound environmental health
  • Conserve tropical forest
  • Raise awareness on wildlife protection and ecologically critical area conservation
  • Create alternative income and employment for wetland community
  • Advocating local government and private institutions for sustainable agriculture and environmental balance.