The major portions of VARD working areas are in low-lying, haor-basin, mushy and beneath -hill which are commonly affected by floods & flashes while there are heavy rainfalls. Considering the situation, VARD is providing services to the community people for disaster risk reduction through awareness buildup, relief and rehabilitation to the victims of natural calamities such as floods, water logging, cyclone, heavy rains, earthquake and draughts. Therefore the ultimate goal of the DRRP is to reduce disaster risks through active participation of community people and compensate the victims to restart their livelihoods again.

Major activities of DRRP are:

  • Community awareness raising on disaster risk reduction and management
  • Provide training on disaster management and preparedness
  • Build up awareness on earthquake
  • Organize volunteers groups for search and rescue
  • Mass awareness on risk reduction and motivational measures
  • Disburse soft (non-interest) loans
  • Provide financial supports for flood protected house construction
  • Provide supports for agriculture rehabilitation
  • Organize medical campaign to provide emergency medical services
  • Provide supports for tub-well repair and sanitation re-installation
  • Distribute relief
  • Provide supports for infrastructure repair and maintenance.