The overall objective of VARD-HNPP is to achieve a sustainable improvement of the health, nutrition, including family planning of the population particularly vulnerable groups of it's working area through reducing maternal mortality rate, reducing total fertility rate, reducing malnutrition, reducing infant and under five mortality, reducing HIV/AIDS, malaria, Tuberculosis and other common diseases.

The major activities of HNPP:

  • Reproductive Health Services; maternal care, institutional safe delivery, family planning, maternal nutrition, adolescent health care, management, menstrual hygiene and prevention/control of RTI, STI and HIV/AIDS
  • Child Health Services; immunization, treatment and management of diarrhea and other childhood diseases, treatment and management of Acute Respiratory Infections, management of micronutrient deficiency
  • Communicable Disease Control; treatment and management of tuberculosis, malaria, kalazar and leprosy
  • Limited Curative Care; treatment and management of minor injuries and infection
  • Behavior Change Communication; develop client oriented positive attitudes, enhance health seeking behavior and promote healthy lifestyle behavior
  • Establish Community Reproductive Health Center
  • Ambulance service
  • Promote safe water and sanitation; distribute tube-well & ring-slab, raise awareness on pure drinking water & hygienic sanitation use etc.