ELDP is one of the core programs of VARD. Mainly it has been introduced to alleviate the poverty through formation of grass-root level people's organization, their fund generation, creation of income and employment opportunities and microfinance support. ELDP assists land-less, hardcore poor and under privileged community people to organize them under Village Organization (VO) and to utilize available local resources and human potentiality to uplift their socio-economic status. Another component of ELDP is entrepreneurship development interventions which deliver services to entrepreneurs in helping them to unleash and develop their entrepreneurial qualities and potential to establish and operate business in a completive market economy.

The specific objectives of the component are to create wealth with equity in the local community, build capacity of entrepreneurs to undertake profitable business ventures, enhance operation efficiency of micro and small enterprise and promote employment and income opportunities through promotion of micro and small enterprise . Another vital component of ELDP is training. This training includes staff training as well as beneficiary training. The ultimate goal of ELDP is to alleviate poverty and to empower economically and socially destitute people specially women.

The major activities of ELDP:

  • Formation of Peoples Organization (PO), Self- Help Group (SHG) and Community Based Organization (CBO)
  • Provide livelihood skill development training
  • Develop micro and small enterprises
  • Microfinance support through CBO/PO
  • Mobilize group savings
  • Mobilize local resource
  • Provide life skill education
  • Sensitize different stakeholders about women's rights
  • Enhance women to raise their voice against violence, stigma and discrimination
  • Provide training for potential entrepreneurs for unlocking their competencies, business planning, fund mobilization, business operation and management
  • Provide technical support for feasibility study and business planning
  • Provide business counseling
  • Assist to develop linkage with financial institutes
  • Assess training needs
  • Organize and facilitate staff development training as well as beneficiary training
  • Build capacity of the organization