Human Resource Division (HRD):

Major activities of HRD are -

  • Prepare staff development plan,
  • Staff recruitment and deployment
  • Maintain records and documents,
  • Prepare reports and documents,
  • Provide logistic and equipment support,
  • Maintain communication and liaison with other organizations,
  • Maintain personnel procedure,
  • Organizational policy development and adaptation,
  • Maintenance organizational assets,
  • Vehicle management,
  • Procurement.
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Finance & Accounts Division (FAD):

Major activities of FAD are -

  • Maintain books of accounts,
  • Maintain project wise income and expenditure,
  • Prepare budget,
  • Regular budgetary analysis and maintain budgetary control,
  • Maintain financial transaction,
  • Prepare procurement plan,
  • Prepare financial reports,
  • Maintain financial records and documents,
  • Maintain store and stock,
  • Organize auditing.

Internal Audit Unit (IAU):

VARD established an IAU to ensure financial transparency at all level of organization. Major activities of IAU are -

  • Perform project wise periodic audit,
  • Perform need based audit,
  • Prepare audit reports and provide feedbacks,
  • Conduct follow up audit,
  • Assess financial capacity of organization,
  • Assist in external auditing,
  • Assess the financial capacity of partner/consortium/network organizations.

Monitoring & Evaluation Unit (MEU)

VARD has established MEU to attain/ensure qualitative and quantitative achievement of project implementation and to have future direction of further project designing.

Major activities of MEU are -

  • Prepare monitoring and evaluation plan
  • Develop monitoring tools,
  • Conduct monitoring and evaluation,
  • Prepare monitoring and evaluation reports,
  • Provide necessary feedbacks and recommendations,
  • Ensure quality service delivery,
  • Conduct interim and annual project evaluation,
  • Participate in external monitoring and evaluation

Program Support Division (PSD):

Program coverage of VARD activities are increasing day by day. VARD has developed PSD to satisfy increasing demands of documentation, communication and future searching which has smoothened the project designing.

Major activities of PSD are -

  • Prepare project documents,
  • Communicate and maintain liaison with other organization,
  • Contact with donor agencies,
  • Prepare various types of report and documents,
  • Maintain regular correspondence with donors,
  • Prepare and preserve administrative papers and documents,
  • Collect updated information, publications and journals,
  • Contribute in program and projects implementation.
  • Participate in organizational policy development and implementation,
  • Contact with consulting firms for organizational necessary consulting services,
  • Participate in the donor meetings and brief related staff members,
  • Maintain regular donor searching and fund raising activities,
  • Advocacy and networking,
  • Resource mobilization.