General Body

General Body (GB) consists of 21 members from different professionals. GB meets once yearly in the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The role of GB is to elect Executive Committee (EC) member for 2 years duration, review the on going organizational activities and approve the yearly organizational activity plan and annul budget.

Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee consists of 3 members from different professionals selected by the GB for 2 years duration. The role of Advisory Committee is to advice the EC while the organization faces any critical crises or problems and plays an active role on organizational management and development.

Executive Committee

Executive Committee consists of 7 members-elected by the GB for 2 years duration. EC meets once in every two months to discuss the progress of organizational activities, take part in policy making process, organizational management, development and take initiative to implement of the different activities of the organization and solve problems if organization faces so far. The EC remains accountable to the GB and the Executive Director remains accountable to the EC.

Program Management

In order to sustainability, VARD developed 6 core programs comprising of different projects. The ongoing programs are;

  1. Economic and Livelihood Development Program (ELDP)
  2. Health, Nutrition and Population Program (HNPP)
  3. Comprehensive Eye Care Services Program (CESP)
  4. Education Program (EP)
  5. Agriculture and Environment Program (AEP) and
  6. Disaster Risk Reduction Program (DRRP).

Programs are head by Director (Program) and implemented by Deputy Director and Assistant Director through project team.

Support divisions and units

For supporting programs, there are different divisions and units are functioning those are:

  1. Human Resource Management Division (HRD) headed by Deputy Director (Admin.),
  2. Finance and Accounts Division (FAD) headed by Director (Finance & Accounts),
  3. Program Support Division (PSD) headed by Deputy Director.
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (MEU) headed by the Senior Assistant Director (Monitoring)
  5. Internal Audit Unit (IAU) headed by the Assistant Director (Audit).

The Director (Program) is responsible to coordinate all the programs through the related Deputy Directors, Assistant Director and program personnel under the dynamic leadership of Executive Director. They take part to assist the Executive Director in all the aspect related to organizational development. The Director (Program) is directly accountable to the Executive Director. The Director (Program) is immediate supervisor of all Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors.