Voluntary Association for Rural Development (VARD) is a national Non-Government Organization (NGO), established in January 20, 1988 with the initiative of founder and Executive Director and former UN volunteer Mr. Amranul Hoque Kamal. VARD runs major part of its integrated development activities in Sylhet division, northeast part of the country. VARD also implements development activities in Dhaka and Chittagong divisions. VARD regulates its project activities and maintain communication and liaison with donor agencies, concerned govt. departments and other related organizations from Head Office, Dhaka in the capital city of Bangladesh.

Chief Executive : Mr. Amranul Hoque Kamal.
Designation : Founder & Executive Director.
The date of inception : January 20, 1988.
Legal status : To ensure legal validity, VARD has obtained the following registrations from the respective department of Government of Bangladesh (GOB):

(A) Department of Social Service

Registration Number: Syl-158/88
Dated: 17 th November 1988

(B) NGO Affairs Bureau (Foreign Donation)

Registration Number: 387
Dated: 13th December 1990
(Last renewal date: 15-12-2010; Renewed up to: 15-12-2015)

(C) Directorate of Family Planning

Registration Number : 28/94
Date: 3 rd May 1994

(D) Joint Stock Companies, Bangladesh

Societies ACT Registration Number. : S-2442 (35)/2000
Dated: 7 th August 2000