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  Economic and Livelihood Development Program (ELDP)
  Health, Nutrition and Population Program (HNPP)
  Comprehensive Eye Care Services Program (CESP)
  Education Program (EP)
  Disaster Risk Reduction Program (DRRP)
  Agriculture and Environment Program (AEP)

The goal of CESP is to contribute to the reduction of avoidable blindness and to promote social inclusion of Visually Impaired (VI) people of program areas.

Main Services provided by VARD Eye Hospitals are:

  • Provide prescriptions for all eye diseases
  • Phaco Operation
  • Cataract Surgery with IOL( Arolab India/Eye-O-Care)
  • Cataract Surgery with IOL (American lens)
  • Dacryo Cysto Rhinostomy ( DCR) Surgery
  • Dacryo Cystectomy (DCT )Surgery
  • Glaucoma surgery
  • Pterygium ( Normal) Surgery
  • Pterygium (Grafting) Surgery
  • Other minor Surgery
  • Low vision service and device
  • Provide power optical through computerized test
  • Free Small Incision Cataract Surgery by using Inter Ocular Lens for Curable blind

Our Diagnostic services:

  • Biometric Scan
  • Refraction ( Identification of Eye sight)
  • Identification of Eye pressures
  • Sec test (SPT)
  • Eye dressing
  • Random Blood Sugar (RBS) test
  • Urine Sugar test
  • ECG

Our distinctiveness:

  • Low cost but standard and quality services
  • Clean general wards
  • Cabin facilities
  • Free cataract surgery with IOL for poor and hardcore poor in the project areas and free accommodation, food, transport, medicine black spectacles etc
  • Test facilities with modern devices
  • Experienced and expert doctors for diagnosis and treatment
  • Well decorated operation theatre with ultra modern equipments
  • Well accommodation and food facilities for operated patients
  • Well equipped Spectacle corner for hardcore poor/poor patients at fee of cost
  • Medicine corner to supply medicine with rational price
  • Separate prayer place
  • Seating arrangement at the top of the hospital for mental refreshment of the patients
  • Library with eye related books, papers and magazine
  • Well decorated modern conference room in the hospital
  • Uninterrupted electric supply from its own ultramodern generator
  • Audio visual facilities to observe operation by ultramodern techniques.
  • Restaurant facilities with quality and affordable food for patient attended

VARD is providing the following eye care services and facilities through VARD Eye Hospitals under VARD Comprehensive Eye Care Project (VARD-CECP) and Vision Bangladesh Project (VBP):

  • Provide out door patient services on eye care management
  • Perform cataract surgery implanting Intra Ocular Lens (IOL) using Small Incision Cataract Surgery (SICS) and Phaco surgery
  • Detection of early childhood blindness and pediatric Cataract Surgery through referral and subsequent follow up
  • Perform Minor and major surgery; Dacryo Cysto Rhinostomy ( DCR), Dacryo Cystectomy (DCT), Glaucoma surgery, Excision of Pterygium, Abscess drainage, Dermoid cyst. excision, Incisions and curettage chalazion, Foreign body removal, Removal of stitches, Stye drainage
  • Provide medicine without cost
  • Post- Operative care and follow-up service
  • Urine and Random Blood Sugar (RBS) test
  • Provide surgeon best correction on refractive error
  • Assessment of Low Vision and provide devices for the people with Low Vision (LV)
  • Ambulance service
  • Micro Bus Service

Inclusive Education:

  • Enroll Visually Impaired (VI) and LV children in mainstream primary schools
  • Provide training to primary school teachers on Brail, orientation & mobility and , inclusive education
  • School sights testing and certificate of blindness (confirmation certificate) for all VI students
  • Provide education support to the differently able children including VI children to enroll at school
  • Distribute adaptation & inclusion guidelines to Primary Schools
  • Sensitize Visually Impaired family members, School Management Committee (SMC) and community people on Inclusive education and disability issues
  • Link Visually Impaired children with GOB education stipend program.


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